Storytelling – 12 in a year (story collection)


Our Storytelling for Change Workshop aims to empower women from marginalised communities to raise their voices by sharing their stories through a visual medium.


Our founder and accomplished filmmaker, Shanta Nepali, and other experienced professionals in the field lead the workshop. The program includes training in various aspects of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, directing, camera operation, and editing. Participants will also learn about the importance of storytelling for social change and how to use film to amplify marginalised voices.


Throughout the workshop, participants will work on creating their short films with the guidance and support of the instructors. The workshop concludes with a final screening of the participants’ films, allowing them to share their stories with a broader audience.


The Storytelling for Change Workshop is designed to be a transformative experience for the participants, helping them gain the confidence and skills to tell their stories and positively impact their communities. In addition, we aim to create a supportive and empowering environment that encourages the participants to express themselves, build connections, and inspire change.


We believe everyone has a story to tell and deserves to be heard. Through this project, we aim to give women from marginalised communities the opportunity to share their perspectives and help shape a more just and equitable world

Producing Films and Multimedia Content

We produce films and other multimedia content that explores the human experience, celebrates diversity, and tells stories that have the power to impact and enrich people's lives.

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Organising Storytelling Workshops and Events

We organise workshops and events to provide individuals with the tools and resources to share their stories with the world.

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Collaborating with other Organizations and Individuals

We cooperate with other organisations and individuals to support and amplify diverse voices in the arts and to provide access to resources, mentorship and networking opportunities for aspiring artists and filmmakers, especially those from underrepresented communities.

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We provide funding for creative projects that have a social impact. This includes funding grants for individuals and organisations working to positively impact their communities through the arts, storytelling, and filmmaking.

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As an organisation, we research the impact of the arts, storytelling, and filmmaking on individuals and communities. This research helps us better understand the arts’ role in promoting understanding, empathy, and social change.

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We advocate for social issues through storytelling. By using the power of storytelling, we can raise awareness, promote understanding, and inspire action on critical social problems.

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