Nepali Female Filmmakers

Nepali Female Filmmakers is an initiative that aims to support and empower female filmmakers in Nepal. The initiative facilitates collaborations, workshops, and training opportunities for women working in the film industry, with the goal of helping them to develop their skills and advance their careers.

The initiative also provides mentorship opportunities, connecting female filmmakers with experienced professionals in the industry who can offer guidance and support as they develop their careers. Additionally, the initiative provides opportunities for collaboration among female filmmakers, encouraging them to work together on projects and support each other in their creative endeavors.

Nepali Female Filmmakers is committed to creating a supportive and empowering environment for female filmmakers in Nepal, and to promoting gender equality in the film industry. The initiative is dedicated to helping women to achieve their full potential in the film industry and to ensure that their voices are heard. The initiative aims to create a level playing field for all female filmmakers, regardless of their background, and to help them break through the barriers that have traditionally hindered the progress of women in the film industry.

Producing Films and Multimedia Content

We produce films and other multimedia content that explores the human experience, celebrates diversity, and tells stories that have the power to impact and enrich people's lives.

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Organising Storytelling Workshops and Events

We organise workshops and events to provide individuals with the tools and resources to share their stories with the world.

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Collaborating with other Organizations and Individuals

We cooperate with other organisations and individuals to support and amplify diverse voices in the arts and to provide access to resources, mentorship and networking opportunities for aspiring artists and filmmakers, especially those from underrepresented communities.

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We provide funding for creative projects that have a social impact. This includes funding grants for individuals and organisations working to positively impact their communities through the arts, storytelling, and filmmaking.

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As an organisation, we research the impact of the arts, storytelling, and filmmaking on individuals and communities. This research helps us better understand the arts’ role in promoting understanding, empathy, and social change.

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We advocate for social issues through storytelling. By using the power of storytelling, we can raise awareness, promote understanding, and inspire action on critical social problems.

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